3 Pillars of Our Services


We improve management of companies or local government and state institution offices


We take responsibility
for the management of the whole company


We find investors and sell or purchase companies. We also have our own investment fund: T.Funds


We combine an entrepreneurial overview, proven managerial tools and working with people in companies.

We know how to look at assignments with a business overview, design changes that correspond with the capabilities of the company/office, engage your people into the solution and show them how to work under new conditions.

We do not send "single fighters" to companies, we provide the service of well-coordinated management teams with the additional support of experts in business consulting. We produce a shift in the success and value of companies through a combination of managerial activity and consistency, advisory foresight and cleverness.

To purely legal and economic disciplines we add the view of maximum utilization of company potential upon full implementation of the project. We provide support in investor search, pre-investment due diligence throughout the merger and/or acquisition process.

If desirable, we continue by taking over the management of the company or complete the full implementation of changes in business, processes, human resources, reporting, etc.

Exponential growth in performance and change in the thinking of people in the company/office.

Long-term company perspective, raising company values, handling company crises.

Utilizing the potential of cooperation. High return on investment while buying a company.


Private sector

Public sector

Customized Solutions

If you were me, what would you do?

  • We are a long-term partner for the development of a company or local authorities. We are always looking for ways to help the company / local authorities fulfill its goals/vision.
  • We connect companies with local authorities or companies with each other.
  • We prepare feasibility studies or business plans.
  • We help with sources of financing for the further development of the company / local authorities.


Public sector

Customized Solutions

If you were me, what would you do?

  • We are a long-term partner for the development of a company or local authorities. We are always looking for ways to help the company / local authorities fulfill its goals/vision.
  • We connect companies with local authorities or companies with each other.
  • We prepare feasibility studies or business plans.
  • We help with sources of financing for the further development of the company / local authorities.

Long-Term Executive Management of Companies, business restarts

I have no one to transfer the managing of the company to, what should I do? co mám dělat?

How to control the rapid growth of the company?

Už nemáme energii na restart nebo rozvoj firmy, co máme dělat?

Is there a solution when I need to replace part of the management?

  • We will take over the management of the company or selected parts (sales, production, logistics)
  • We will implement a way of managing the company so that it is successful in the long run
  • We manage restarts of the company or business model changes brings the rapid growth of the company.
  • We prepare the company for sale or for the entry of a strategic partner (we increase the value of the company before its sale)
  • We manage companies just after the sale / takeover by a new owner

Investment Financing and Alternative Investment Funds

What opportunities does the change in EU policy bring from subsidies to investment?

What are the new opportunities for effective financing of large investments?

How can a company or public administration use alternative investment funds?

  • We will prepare a specific study with the possibilities of using alternative financial resources for a company or region
  • We will design an optimal investment and financial model for the implementation of investments
  • We will find a specific opportunity and custom-design the form of an investment fund, establish the fund and participate in its management

Business Models and Marketing of the Company

How to increase sales / margins?ak zvýšit prodeje/ marže?

How do I get new customers / clients?

  • We update the business model or introduce new business formats (eshop, franchise, alliance, KAM)
  • We increase the efficiency of sales management (manager's role, sales reporting, meetings…)
  • We develop salespeople especially in the area of gaining new clients and building relationships.
  • We increase the business results of the company (comprehensive projects, where the task is to increase specific indicators)

Effective Production, Transfer of the Manufacturing Plant to the CZ, SK or RU

 How do we shorten production times?

How to increase production capacity?

How to improve maintenance management?

How to be more flexible in production?

  • We implement the principles of operational excellence and lean manufacturing into the life of the company (5S, TPM, SMED, KANBAN)
  • We teach masters how to lead people in production
  • We improve planning in production
  • We improve cooperation and planning between sales, production and supply chain.
  • We bring a performance management methodology in production.

Strategy and strategic management of the company, mergers & acquisitions

I need to sell my company, what should I do?

What is everything we should do when preparing a merger with another company?

How to get the most from a merger or an acquisition?

What benefits will a good strategy bring me and how can I ensure that the strategy is not just on paper or in the minds of a few people?

  • We represent investment funds that invest in companies and carry out the search for suitable companies for investment.
  • We provide support during the whole cycle of merger and/or acquisition, i.e. identification, realization, integration and eventual sale. (In Slovakia our partner in this area is Stormlevel.)
  • We perform an in-depth pre-investment review, i.e. operational, financial, tax and legal due diligence.
  • We design and subsequently carry out abrupt changes caused by mergers and acquisitions (in business, processes, organizational structure).
  • We involve the whole company in defining strategic drivers/company priorities.
  • We calculate the contribution of strategic drivers into EBITDA in the three-year horizon.
  • We incorporate work with strategic priorities into the management of the company.
  • We prepare strategic development plans for cities and regions.

Project Management

How to manage projects effectively?

Why is it important project portfolio management?

How to combine project and line management in a company?

  • We set project management standards in the company according to PMI / PRINCE 2 and IPMA methodologies
  • We help find the optimal balance between traditional and agile project management
  • We implement project management office (PMO) and project portfolio management (PPM)
  • We manage demanding projects as interim project managers (implementation of SW tools, transfer of production)

Human Resources and People Development

How to change people´s attitudes / behavior?

How do I recruit the right people for a company or authority?

How to save the important know how and knowledge in the compan? How to use succession planning?

How to motivate employees? How can managers motivate employees? What HR tools will help me?

  • We execute individual Top Management development programs
  • We execute individual development programs for company owners
  • We implement HR processes (recruitment, onboarding, adaptation, evaluation, remuneration, talent management)
  • We implement talent management and succession planning programs
  • We implement development programs designed to change behavior and attitudes Changing corporate culture – how to do it successfully
  • We do Executive Search with deep assessment (hard skills, soft skills, potential, compatibility with corporate culture).

Organizational Structure Transformations, High Performance Management

Are the processes in the company / authority efficient, aren't we wasting resources?

How to be more flexible to market changes or customer needs?

Through what parameters should the company be managed?

How to prepare the company for digital transformation?

  • We implement process management - we identify the main processes and activities and on that basis we create / change the organizational structure
  • Optimizing processes - we reduce the waste of resources (people capacity, finances, time)
  • We implement the principles and tools of operational excellence

The Valuation of a Company

 How to increase the value of your company before merger or acquisition?

What is important for investors? How they see value of your company?

Should we hand over the company to the children / management or sell it?

  • We will appraise the company, we will design and implement measures that will increase the value of the company
  • For company owners - how to look at the company as an investor
  • We provide support during the whole cycle of merger and/or acquisition, i.e. identification, due diligence, realization, integration and eventual sale. We could be as a co-investor too.
  • We are long term partner for owners of small and medium companies, but so for big groups and investment funds.

Inventory and logistics

How to streamline the movement of goods and materials inside the company?

How much money are we keeping in our stock?

  • We can set up the entire supply chain from suppliers to customers, including CD, Hubs and warehouses
  • We design a lean and flowing D2D movement of goods and materials inside the company
  • In a controlled manner we help reduce and optimize inventories with the aim to accelerate their turnover and improve CF of the company

Smart City

Which smart solutions are suitable and meaningful for us?

How to select, implement and evaluate the effectiveness of smart solutions?

What is more important: People or Technology?

  • We always set up Smart City Concepts custom-designed for the given entity, we propose a way to implement smart solutions and evaluate their real meaningfulness and effectiveness.
  • We will help with the managing of the whole process.
  • We will help you during the implementation of smart solutions.
  • We will take care of communicate with the public.

Management and Development of Local Governments

What areas and measures are appropriate to focus on, which strengths of the city or region can I use in its development, and how to deal with shortcomings?

How to communicate and manage the whole strategic planning process?

  • We will guide you through the entire process of strategic planning and help you with the implementation of specific measures for the development of the city or region.
  • We will evaluate the current situation, successes and failures, set the right goals and suggest a meaningful and optimal way to achieve your aims.
  • We will help you with setting up measurable indicators and ensure the evaluation of the fulfillment of the set goals.

Management and Development of Municipal Authorities

How does our municipal authority actually work in terms of efficiency, openness and cooperation?

What to focus on, what agendas and areas to strengthen and develop and what tools can we use?

How to motivate and develop employees?

  • We evaluate the level and quality of the municipal authority´s management, processes and people in an objective way.
  • We will propose a municipal authority´s development strategy, including specific principles and measures.
  • We will help you in the area of people management, recruitment, selection, adaptation, development, education and evaluation.

Financing Projects and Processes in Public Self-Governing Entities

How do I finance current, operating and capital expenditures?

From what sources and how can I obtain funds? Which are suitable for me?

  • We will assess your financial situation and evaluate the impact on your investment and development opportunities in an objective way.
  • We will suggest an appropriate way of funding development projects and investments.
  • We will help you to choose an appropriate grant title and we will prepare a grant request for you.

Interim Management, Crisis Strategy and Management

What can we do if we can't fill a key position quickly?

Co můžeme dělat, když se firma dostala do finančních potíží?

How to manage a big change so that it does not affect to the company's performance?

  • We manage projects whose aims are organization change, change of business model, merger of several companies, cost reduction or crisis management.
  • We temporarily hold the TOP managerial position while searching for a suitable candidate.

LIMITED DIRECT SEARCH - We Find People for our Clients.

Mám manažery a specialisty s vhodným profesně – osobnostním potenciálem?

Jaké jsou klíčové požadavky na danou pozici?

Jakou zvolit strategii (ideální postup) pro obsazení pozice?

  • Pomáháme klientovi vyhledat zvolit tu správnou strategii náboru a vybrat kandidáta/ kandidátku s vhodným osobnostním, hodnotovým a profesním potenciálem.
  • Pomáháme klientovi sestavit tým s požadovaným výkonem ale také takový, který zapadne do firemní kultury firmy.

We focus on limited direct search of managers and key specialists.

We provide executive search services of managers and specialists


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